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Meet owner of Audaciously’WE Naturals Connie Acholonu! (double-click to continue reading)

To tell everyone’s story through their CROWN, one Queen at a “shine”!

“Conformity” has always been hard for founder Connie Acholonu, owner of Audaciously’WE Naturals. After high school, she enlisted in the U.S. Navy where she was hit with rules regarding her “hair”. To be in accordance with government guidelines, she always had to ensure she was abiding by the “rules”, so after serving eight (8) honorable amazing years she decided to focus on the next chapter in her life.

In 2003, she decided to take a natural approach to her hair, and as she states, “there was nothing in the market for my nappy head. There were no big-time YouTube “influencers to influence me, no TikTok, no Snap Chat, no Facebook, and certainly no Instagram to help guide me on the journey of natural hair. However, my hair began to grow like wildfire once I began my research. My Caribbean ancestors were helping a sister out, lol! I began on a quest to becoming my true self, never placing boundaries on myself.”

In 2017, after her divorce, she decided to turn things around and picked up the pieces by following her dreams of crafting her own hair care products.

Starting with her flagship hair product…the “Ultimate Hair Drip: Deep Hydrating Hair Oil Serum” dedicated to her Jamaican roots, she’s infused Jamaican Castor Oil with a total of nine (9) top-tier oils super enriched in multiple vitamins, and fatty acids are known to encourage maximum healthy hair growth…this concoction is a game-changer! Also, the “Ultra Moisturizing Hair Truffle: Whipped Crème Brulee” was developed to ensure your hair is quenched in moisture with Raw Shea Butter shipped directly from Ghana, Africa.

Follow her journey as she celebrates the beauty of anyone that has ever suffered, took a loss, or simply trying to regain their focus. Her mission is to tell everyone’s story through their CROWN, one Queen at a “shine”!

*Founder/Owner of Audaciously’WE Naturals is of proud Jamaican descent. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and is a lover of all things dope and awesome!

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