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Thinking about starting your own online business?


 Greetings Friend,

Today I will go over some real simple motivating ways you can start your own “online” business. Keep reading to find out how!

Get excited! Because if you’ve found yourself reading this page and doing “research” on starting your very own business it’s time you act on your instincts and get it done! So, congratulations!!!

The first thing, setting realistic and productive goals along with positive thinking, it’s called “The Law of Attraction”, if you can see, you can achieve it…if you can stand by these words then you are on your way to starting your dream business!  There are many different ways to learn how to start “your” business (this is your “baby”, be unique and stand out amongst the rest). Here I will share with you some great tips to help you get started.

Study the market and assess your skills

I had such a strong desire to “birth” Audaciously’WE Naturals, however, I didn’t want to risk the gamble of “shooting in the dark” so it’s a good idea to study the market and see the kind of stuff that’s in demand. Then you want to assess your skills and see what services or products you can provide. It’s extremely important to find something that you are very passionate about because you will work very hard to bring your vision to fruition with your business. This will help you more than you would imagine.

Create a business plan

Once you know what type of small business you want or “niche” you want to get into, then you need to create a business plan. You need to have a plan because this will be required by your investors. Plus, it’s a good outline for you as well, since you will know all the actions you need to take. Once that is done, you (may or may not) have to present the plan to investors so you can start getting the funds you need to go onward.

Handle all the necessary tasks

After you have that, you will need to find a location for your business, find a business structure, pick the business name, register your business and handle all the legal stuff like getting the federal and state tax IDs. Apply for a business bank account and get started on this amazing journey. It will be well worth the effort.

Trust your instincts

The truth is that starting your home business or a brick and mortar store can be very challenging. You will be hesitant that it might not work, you might even want to take a step back and rethink the entire thing (for me it was “fear“). However, you need to read some success stories and understand that you have the potential to create a great business. You need to tap into your inner strength and stay positive.

Even if you will encounter various challenges on this entrepreneurship road (oh! and you will), the truth is that you need to stay committed to the idea and never give up. Be yourself, focus on results and remember that you need to learn from any mistake or failure,

In Conclusion

Starting a new business does have its ups and downs, trust me I know. But the truth is that you do have a vast range of opportunities once you have your own company or startup. All you need is to main your focus and leave all the downsides behind. Learn how to unlock your true potential and surround yourself with people that help and support you. It might be tricky to start your own business, but it’s the best idea that you will ever have, and the potential is extraordinary. Just take care of your mental health, stay positive, and eliminate self-doubt and any lack of courage. Being a business owner might have risks, but it’s by far the best idea that you will ever have! Welcome to Audaciously’WE Naturals; your natural hair care journey begins here! 


*Founder/Owner Constance Hall of Audaciously’WE Naturals is of proud Jamaican descent. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University and proudly served eight (8) honorable years in the U.S. Navy.

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